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Trala is a huge help when you’re not lucky enough to find a teacher nearby... after 2 training sessions I was able to produce something that resembles Twinkle Twinkle...the coolest app on my phone!
— Alexandra Tubiana, Trala user

Step 1: Choose a lesson

You can start at Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced levels. Lessons typically consist of tuning, then playing a scale, an etude, and a song. Play a lesson every day to keep your streak going! We highly reward Trala violinists who have high streaks.


Step 2: Learn the basics!

Don't know anything at all? No problem! Progress through our tutorial videos and beginner's lessons to learn how to play beautifully and in tune. 


Step 3: Play and get instant feedback!

First, listen to how the piece is supposed to sound. Then it's your turn! Trala listens to you play your real violin and gives you instant feedback in the form of red arrows to help you fix your mistakes. Up arrows mean you're too flat. Down arrows mean you're too sharp. Left arrows mean play slower. Right arrows mean play faster.


Step 4: Improve and move on!

Play the 2-measure phrase perfectly or fill up the progress bars to move on to the next section. Trala won't let you move on until you play correctly.

Want more? Use'Free Play' to explore our library, or add to your Practice Journal (here's why you should keep a journal).


I’m loving this app, best app ever to learn violin!
— Trala user
“The app’s saved me from hours of attempting to familiarize myself with a piece, and makes the process of learning new music so much easier. Loving what it’s become, and I’m pretty excited to see where this leads up to.”
— Meri Youkhana, Student Violinist
This app is amazing. The fact that it breaks down the piece into chunks makes it feel a lot more manageable and less overwhelming. I’m recommending this app to everyone I know!
— Trala user
LOVEE IT!!!!! Having the violin on the side showing you what position to play has been so helpful. I’m not struggling to read the correct note now. Makes me want to practice more.
— Trala user
Trala is the practice app of the future. Instant feedback, positive reinforcement - everything a teacher needs for that period in-between lessons.
— Helen Callus, "one of the world’s greatest violists” (American Record Guide)
It is apparent that the app has been carefully developed with input from practicing music educators and string specialists. The developers of Trala are receptive to suggestions and are always looking to make improvements.
— Sarah Djordjevic, Director of Orchestras at Maine East High School

People who love Trala


Stefan Milenkovich

Stefan Milenkovich has been established as one of the great violinists of his generation. Serbia’s Artist of the CenturyMost Humane Person, and Brand Personality of the Year, Milenkovich enjoys a prolific career as an internationally sought-after soloist and recitalist.

Firmly dedicated to pedagogical work, Milenkovich taught in collaboration with Itzhak Perlman at the Juilliard School in New York City.


Beth Blackerby is the founder of the world's #1 site for violin tutorial videos. Exclusive videos from ViolinLab are available only in Trala.


Helen Callus: "one of the world’s greatest violists” (American Record Guide)

"Trala is the practice app of the future. Instant feedback, positive reinforcement - everything a teacher needs for that period in-between lessons."


Rudolf Haken

Rudolf Haken is a composer and violist internationally renowned for his creative melding of disparate musical styles and genres. He is particularly known for his work with extended-range violas, appearing in concert on four continents with his Rivinus five-string viola and Jensen six-string electric viola.

Professor Haken requires the use of Trala in his studio.


Zlata Brouwer of

Zlata Brouwer is a violin teacher and founder of Violin Lounge, a violin-tutorial website. Learn to play the violin beautifully with the 250+ free online violin lessons at covering beginner lessons, advanced bowing technique, beautiful tone creation, playing in tune and more!

Lydia Sewell is a performing violinist and founder of A View From the Stage, an interview series with high-profile musicians about the future of classical music.

Leo Park

Leo Park is the director of the Northside Prep Orchestra program and Golden Apple award winner.