Practice less. Practice better.

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Accelerate your practice.

Trala is an app that listens to you play your real violin and gives you instant feedback to help you practice better. 

Trala helps my students practice mindfully. I can tell they have been thinking when they come into a lesson.
— Ivan K.
I’m loving this app, best app ever to learn violin
— User 46G5

Designed Through Research

Trala began as a National Science Foundation-supported project. We conducted hundreds of interviews and testing sessions with teachers, parents, and students to see how we could best use technology to aid violin-learning.

Benefits for students

instant feedback

Trala instantly shows you your mistakes so you can correct them immediately instead of waiting for your instructor to correct you next lesson.

Efficient practice

90 percent of practice time is wasted. Trala uses mindful practice methods to make sure you don't waste time and energy learning violin.

stay motivated

Trala keeps track of what you play so you can follow your progress, stay motivated, and see how much you have progressed, even through one practice session.

Benefits for teachers

keep the momentum going

Had a great lesson? Keep it going! Stay with your students throughout the week without extra work! Play a difficult phrase your student is struggling with and Trala will take it from there with the 'call and response' feature.

Keep your students accountable

A quick glance at your phone tells you if your students have been practicing. We know that practicing more does not mean practicing better, so Trala keeps students accountable without pressuring them.

Supplement your teaching

Have your students use Trala's features to learn to read sheet music, learn intervals, scales, and train their ears. Trala is engaging, fun, and effective!